The Bible Training Center for Pastors is a 10 course curriculum training Christian leaders domestically and internationally. Most BTCP students have not been to Bible college or seminary. The goal of BTCP is to impact the local church through spiritual growth with the attempt to find competent instructors in the home country. Graduates are encouraged to begin BTCP on their own to expand the teaching and training.

BTCP training uses a biblical, systematic, portable and comprehensive approach to providing the foundational equivalent of a good Bible college or seminary education. The training consists of 520 hours of interactive classroom lecture and discussion under the supervision of a qualified teacher, taking about 2 years to complete.

Course Distinctions

  • Bible Training Centre for Pastors (BTCP) is the full course of study of all ten manuals, which are designed for men who are called as pastors, lay pastors, elders, evangelists or deacons.
  • Bible Training for Church Leaders (BTCL) includes eight of the ten courses selected as the core curriculum for training all other church leaders including women to be equipped for service. BTCL includes Course 4 as Communicating Biblical Messages by covering only the first 84 pages of Preaching Biblical Messages and Pastoral Ministry. The remaining two courses (8. Teaching Principles and Methods and 9. Church History Survey) can be taught as electives in the BTCL application for church leaders.