Big Decisions need Big prayers

Dear friends,
I hope you are all doing well since the last time you read from us. We are doing fine but still another week or so separate our family. By the time I (Dennis) return to Kenya it will have been 4 months of separation as a family. So needless to say I am looking fwd with much anticipation to being reunited with my family. Allison and the kids are doing fine and Allison and Anjela are slowly adjusting to being back in the Mombasa heat and all that pertains to it:)

I on the other hand is waking up in Dallas at our team mate Ben’s Parents home getting ready to fly to Washington DC to attend a meeting that may change the face of our ministry tremendously. I cannot disclose much detail at the moment because I have none, but what I can say is that we are looking to partner with a ministry that is teaching pastors in most parts of West, Central and East Africa to do ministry in Kenya. If all goes well we may be overseeing over 40 BTCP classes in Kenya a great leap from our 5 at the moment.

So without saying much we desperately need your prayers and the Lord’s guidance in the next few days! Pray for Mike Scheer (The Missions Pastor, Denton Bible Church and SERVE International director), Chris Cobble (Associate Missions Pastor, Denton Bible Church and BTCP Coordinator for SERVE international), myself and Ben Warren as we we travel today to go to this meeting that:
We will have safe travel and less airport frustration as we fly to DC later on today
God will give us wisdom to be slow to speak and quick to listen to His voice as we meet as to which direction to steer the ministry of SERVE Kenya.
This will be a time of bonding and encouragement as Ben and I spend extended time with each other and with our bosses.
The Lord’s Will will be done as we meet to map out a partnership with this ministry.
Thank you for your prayers and for your support for SERVE Kenya since the first day! God bless and let us know how we can pray for you as well.

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