BTCP Tanzania (2013) Part 2

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Recently Dennis Omondi sent out an update describing our ministry in Tanzania. His post is called BTCP Tanzania (2013).
I’d like to continue that conversation here and update you on how everything went!
Peter Mutemi
We caught the bus from Mombasa in Ukunda on the 9th of March and were blessed with a free upgrade into the VIP class. However, by the time we reached Tanga (1 hour into the Tanzanian border) I was so delirious from the heat that I jumped off the bus as soon as it stopped. Mutemi (our current intern) who was seated behind me grabbed my passport which I had left on the seat and kept it safely in my bag!! Thank you Mutemi! I like Tanzania, but I didn’t want to be stuck there!
The rest of the journey went well and we arrived in Dar es Salaam where we were able to meet a Baptist Missionary named Mitch Calmes who was born in raised in Denton, Tx! Small world! He’s also interested in training some of his pastors through using BTCP (Bible Training Center for Pastors).
Monday morning when class began, we had a slow start which included a general orientation as well as an introduction to the Old Testament. Each day consisted of 3 sessions, 2 hours of teaching time at a go. By the end of Wednesday morning we were finished with the Pentateuch (Genesis-Deuteronomy).
Pst Kalinga

Words and phrases like Covenants, Redemptive Plan, Atonement, and of course Law all found their way into the capable hands of Pst Nickson Kalinga, our faithful interpreter (and student): Maagano, Mpango wa Ukombozi, Upatanisho, Sheria.
On Wednesday afternoon, Mutemi taught the students seated in a circle under a tree because it was too warm ‘under the hot tin roof’ (literally). He spoke to them about Joshua and the conquest of the land which was promised to Israel. Mutemi caught the attention of the students immediately and kept it the entire afternoon session, which is not easy to do after lunch on a hot day. At the end, the chairman of the class, Pastor Emmanuel Mhando, spoke up and said, “If Mutemi’s teaching is the product of this curriculum, then I think we are all heading on the right path!” What an incredible compliment not only to Mutemi personally, but also to the work of Serve Kenya. Mutemi after all graduated in 2008 in one of Dennis Omondi’s first BTCP class.
Emmanueli Mhando: Chairman
After Mutemi took the class through Judges and Ruth the next day, I continued on in the book of Samuel. And on Friday wrapped up the class with Kings.
In the afternoon we were able to have some time to talk and say our goodbyes, and yes, as what seems to be their consistent custom, they gave us gifts.
It’s truly a joy to teach these 13 men and 4 women. The reason is because of their humility, their hunger and thirst for the Word of God, and their genuine desire for the truth. This desire is evident when we see that they are not seeking to Biblically prove what they already want to believe, but instead open to radical change in their beliefs if it is clear from Scripture. Sadly we do not come across this posture often enough.
A gift!
By Saturday morning we were on another 10 hours bus ride back to Kenya, and the pastors and church leaders were preparing themselves for another Sunday more thoroughly equipped to lead their churches on 17th of March than they were on the 10th.PRAYER:

  • Please pray for us as we continue on this long journey of traveling once a month to Tanzania to teach these pastors.
  • Pray also for the Leadership Team there to be faithful in coordinating and that God would grant them a special ability to learn and be able to communicate the truths of God’s Word so that the second generation of classes can be taught by men like Kalinga and Mhando who are currently on the Leadership Team.
  • Pray also for each student listed below. That they would be faithful to the course and continue coming month after month with the same attitude they came with in March. Pray that God would protect their health, their finances, their churches, and their families so that they might not be hindered in continuing to be equipped for the work of the ministry of Christ’s Church.
Pst Daniel Fisoo: Leadership Team
Zebedayo Genya: Leadership Team


Shabani Onesiforo
Emmanuel Joel & his wife, Abigail Emmanuel


Pst Wabesha – Congolese, TZ Missionary
Pastor Charles Manega


Gema Sibusiso
Steven Mwakilito


Salome Mbelwa


Pst Simon Timotheo Mbunda
Audas Jacob Hohoye
Sophia Mollel
Paul Dankeni Sinyangwe
Francis Alberto Mwone


  1. nancy Dostalik says

    How wonderful this is…. Praise God. Will be in prayer and a most joyous and happy Easter to all!!
    Nancy Dostalik

  2. Mike Personius says

    Great update, Ben. Keep up the good work, and may God continue to grow each of these students into servant warriors for His Kingdom.

    • Sandy Olsen says

      I am so happy to see you again! And I’m so proud of all that you have accomplished through God.
      Glory! He is using you in a might way! I pray for you everyday and for the great work that God has given you. I pray for all that you are ministering to that their hearts will be open and their ears will hear. If only Americans had the same thirst for the Word! You are truly in blessed company, Ben.
      I will continue to pray and support you, even though it is a little each month, because you have given up everything to follow Jesus and to teach others in “His Way”. May God truly bless and keep you safe, and continue to let your light shine to all peoples.
      Blessings to you and our brothers and sisters in Christ,
      during the week of the Passion of our Lord and celebrating with you, His Glorious Resurrection for us all!
      “How will they preach, unless they are sent? Just as it is written, ‘How beautiful are the feet of those who bring Good News of Good Things!” (Is. 52:7, Rom. 1:15)
      Continuing in prayer for you, Ben and our brothers and sisters in Christ as we celebrate His Victory over Sin and Death, and His Glorious Resurrection! May you be continually blessed by Him who lives! (2Cor. 5: 18, 2Tim. 4:1-2,7-8)
      Your humble servant in Christ,
      Sandy O.
      Not perfect, just forgiven Eph. 2:8-10

  3. Haley says

    Praise God for these faces of dear brothers and sisters. May God richly bless them!

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