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Serve Kenya exists to Cultivate, Equip and Mobilize Christian leaders in Kenya. We do this by both short term and long term Leadership Training and by developing Local Churches through Planting of New Churches and strengthening existing ones. At Serve Kenya we believe that the best person to minister in a given culture is a godly well trained person from that culture. We believe very strongly that Kenya is at a place where it can produce capable missionaries to minister in Africa and beyond. To this end we partner with local and oversees ministries to ensure that we provide the highest caliber of discipleship based Theological Training to the men and women Africa.

Mark Sanders with the SERVE Kenya members on his recent trip to Kenya

Many people approach us and ask how they can be involved in our ministry to advance the kingdom of God in Africa. The short answer is that you can PRAY, GIVE and COME. It is great to give and to pray, but I have come to the conclusion that those who GO, give and pray differently. Come to Kenya and visit our ministry, dive into the trenches of ministry with us, see first hand what the Lord is doing in Kenya through SERVE – your life and relationship with Jesus will forever be changed!

Last month Mark Sanders visited us in Kenya on a quick 10 day trip! This was not Mark’s first trip but 5th or 6th trip to Kenya. Listen in to one of the conversations I had with Mark about his trip:

Mark preaching at South Coast Community Church

Me: How was your trip?

Mark: The best trip yet, the reason being the relationships I have had over the years in kenya. To get off the plane and to reunite with brothers and sisters – nothing beats that feeling! I had a lot done on this trip. Since the relationships were already established, I spent most of my time working and in the process of co-laborng alongside my African brothers and sisters deepening those existing relationships.

Me: What advice would you have to lay-people who want to be involved in overseas short-term missions?

Mark: Make a prayerful commitment to not only talk about going but to GO! Once you make the commitment, GO to one place and keep going back to the same place and working with the same people! You will have more impact by going to same place and doing work with the same people than spreading yourself thin in multiple places.


Mark teaching at Men’s seminar in Ukunda

Me: How has your GOING affected your GIVING?

Mark: You get to see first hand what the needs are. It gives you a genuine desire to participate in giving to real needs. You also get to see first hand where your giving is going and the impact that it has over there. Going has given me the opportunity to experience and participate in the stories I have heard about Kenya from the pulpit. This has made giving to missions a blessing rather than a burden!

To hear more about Mark’s experience feel free to contact him at and he would be more than happy to share his many experiences in Kenya over the years with you.

Mark praying with some of the men that he known for the last 3-4 years

If after reading this post you feel like the Lord is leading you to come to Kenya in the coming days, weeks or months get in touch with us and we can tell you how you can participate.

The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirit.

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