Dennis Back to School

13537764_10153575041836479_3064424811378265649_nThrough much prayer, godly counsel, and approval and guidance by the Elders of Denton Bible Church the door has been opened for Dennis to do some on campus hours towards an MDIV in Christian Ministry degree at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in Wake Forest, NC. Dennis will will begin these classes starting mid August this year.

Dennis has been taking some online long distance learning classes at Southeastern Seminary for several years now but some of the classes, especially the Greek and Hebrew courses he will need to do on campus.

It is a gracious opportunity and a huge blessing that SEBTS has not only given Dennis a Presidential scholarship towards tuition but admitted him in their M.Div. program without any type of undergraduate degree, recognising his previous training at Denton Bible Church and over a decade of overseas ministry experience sufficient enough to be admitted into their M.Div. program. We are honoured by this privilege and look forward as to how its going to grow him and add to ministry here in Kenya.

As the country of Kenya continues to develop, the dynamics of Christian ministry are changing and academic credentials are becoming more and more important, and necessary, especially for an education/teaching ministry like Serve. So in addition to personal spiritual growth and development this is the primary reason it is now important for Dennis to obtain a formal degree. This is going to be a big blessing for him as well as our SERVE team and up and coming ministry opportunities.

And just to make it very clear….we are NOT leaving SERVE International.

We are and will continue to be SERVE International missionaries while we are in the States temporarily. These two semesters of seminary will be part of our home assignment and Dennis will still be leading our SERVE Kenya team, just from afar. Our plan is that when his assigned classes are over mid of next year we will be returning to Kenya to join our team and continue on in ministry as usual…

While we are in the States Dennis will still be meeting with our team via Skype on a weekly basis and also go back to Kenya for a few weeks in December. James, Dennis’ right hand man will lead the Kenyan team, SCCC and ministry on the ground in our absence. We are blessed to have such an amazing Kenyan national team!

And while we are on this home assignment we still need your prayer and ministry support…..remember you are not only supporting the Omondis, but most of all as you pray and give, your prayers and giving go towards our national SERVE Kenya missionaries like James and Jacinta, Betty, Victor and Tina and Robert and towards discipleship and the ongoing training of pastors, and church leaders in Kenya. Without your support our team cannot do what God has called them to do. We need your prayers and support more than ever. God is doing great things in Kenya and we are excited!


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