Fellow Workers with you!!!

Kenya Team

Kenya Team on Stage during the just concluded the Denton Bible Church Missions Conference

To the member of our beloved church Denton Bible Church…I hope that as you watched and listened to the Missionaries at this last Missions conference share their testimonies of what God is doing around the World that you were touched and encouraged that the Lord is at work; and even though most of the time we don’t get opportunities like these to see and hear it that you now KNOW that God is at work both around the world and around the corner!

I pray we did not only put a desire in you to cross the SEA and share the Gospel with the UNFAMILIAR people in distant lands but we fueled a passion in your heart to cross the STREETS with the Gospel to the FAMILIAR people right here in America that you live with, work with and interact with on a day to day basis!

Finally I hope you saw that all the men and women on stage were a  testimony not of mighty warriors but ORDINARY people faithfully serving Jesus and allowing Him to do Extra-ordinary things in, through and with their lives around the world. My prayer is that you will consider yourself a fellow worker with us right here in Denton and be for Jesus here what we cannot because we live overseas – Lets make missions a culture that is visible and alive in the life of our church not only once every 2 years but a daily and visible life transforming phenomenon!

What DBC is doing here and around the World is worth INVESTING your time, prayers and money…I pray that the Lord used this weekend we were all back here  to change your life tremendously! Amen!!!!

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