Kenya is loved and cared for

I had heard that president Obama had made a video for Kenya but I had not seen it – He actually did! That is exciting and to add on what has already been said and prayed by many I want to leave a message for the Kenyan Christian community as well.

As we cross over from the year 2012 into the year of our Lord 2013, my appeal is for all my Kenyan friends (Especially those who profess Jesus) to make ONE resolution to SHUN TRIBALISM in the upcoming elections and life going forward!

Vote for leaders who approximate your values, your beliefs and stands for what you stand for. Not only those who approximate your tribe. Be proud of your tribe, learn the difference between being from a tribe (good) and being a tribalist (BAD). May the Lord guide and awaken your good judgement for a better KENYA and a better tomorrow.

It was Dr. Martin L King Jr. who said, “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about the things that matter.” DO NOT BE QUIET both in your actions and in your attitude!

Have a great and blessed HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013!


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