Serve Kenya Discipleship Training Program

We asked two of our recent graduates what they thought about their time with us at the Ladies Discipleship Training Program, and here is what they had to say:

Atieno Oketch class of 2016

“My life  has been changed since LDTP. For a fire to personally seek God diligently was birthed at Serve Ke. The everyday interaction with the word of God for the three months, changed and shaped my perspective on Christianity as a whole. My perspective has since become more of  what is in the word, what does the Bible say “and not what I grew up learning, or being told. It’s a beautiful thing, to encounter God first hand and not hear about Him from a second party! I learnt the art of digging into the word on my own! Asking questions and finding answers in the very word. Being taught and guided on how to read the bible (hermeneutics) is an irreplaceable gift! Reading my bible has never been so intriguing! So fulfilling, always looking forward to unearth more truths.” Atieno


Caroline Ndirangu Class of 2016

“The Discipleship Training program helped me to know how to read the Bible and understand it by myself. It also enabled me to understand who God is especially His Sovereignty. Assurance of salvation has made me to desire and hunger for God’s Word and also have the confidence that I forever belong to Him and nothing can snatch me from His hand.” Caroline 

WE ARE RECRUITING for Discipleship Training program for men. The program starts in February 2018 and lasts for three months. If you are or know any singles men who love Jesus and are wanting to grow deeper in their walk with Jesus send them our way and their lives will never be the same. These two ladies testimonies are a small part of lives of many young men and women that have been blessed and changed by the program.


Check us out HERE to find out more about how you can be part of this great program. We are looking forward to hearing from you soon.




  1. David Kihoi macharia says

    I’ve watched phenny enjoy the whole program. I followed her posts. This is really what I’d yearn to be part of. I need more information. I’m genuinely interested. Atieno Oketch that you testimony has touched my heart. Love you sana !

    • Dennis Omondi says

      David are you still interested?

  2. esther matili says


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