Last Places First

Greetings everyone!

I want to inform you of an incredible opportunity of ministry God has brought our way and ask for you to pray for me, our ministry, and our team.

Today I traveled to Nairobi, but not the area of the horrible Westgate Mall attack that you heard of on the news, so I should be fine :). From Nairobi, I will fly out in the morning of the 30th, to a small town south of Marsabit, called Korr. A South African missionary named Grant has arranged for 15 to 25 (possibly even 30!) qualified, educated ministers / missionaries who are interested in starting pastoral training classes / centers in their area in Northern Kenya. This is a very remote place and might end up being the remotest, hottest place that I’ve ever gone to.

I will be conducting a Bible Training Center for Pastors “Teacher Training Workshop” or rather a “BTCP TTW” from the 1st to the 4th of October. I will be introducing them to the curriculum and informing them of the ins and outs of the program. My desire is to communicate the need for pastoral training and discipleship and a passion for it.

  • Please pray for me that I will be able to accomplish those purposes, but most importantly pray for these ministers of the gospel who desire to strengthen the local churches in Northern Kenya through discipling the leadership of those churches.
  • Pray against opposition to this venture.
  • Pray BIG for spiritual fruit. I know I don’t have the gift of faith. I usually think of the smallest numbers. If 15 teachers get started with 7 students only, that’s 100 pastors and church leaders immediately participating in ongoing Biblical Training in an area where there are no Bible schools! But what if all 30 showed up? And what if they each got a class of 15 students? I’ll let you do the math. PRAY BIG! And while you are at it pray for God to increase my faith in general!

I will be back by the 7th of October and spend some time in Nairobi resting and hopefully meeting with a few people. I’ll head out again early morning of the 11th to meet up with James Muthee and our church’s new elder Fred Munyithia to catch a bus Northeast to Meru. On October 12th, we will be participating in the first graduating class of SERVE Kenya’s first intern, Daniel Gitonga. What a joy to see the fruit of our labor come to its fullest with Gitonga’s first graduates of his own class!

  • Pray for us to be a blessing and encouragement for Gitonga.
  • Pray for Gitonga’s life and ministry:
    • He hopes to get married in December but has been given an unreasonable dowry price. Pray that his fiancee’s family would lower the price and not make it an issue of hindering the wedding.
    • Pray for his classes. Gitonga wants to start two new classes by February. One where he was teaching before and another a few hours away.

While my desire is that pastors and churches can be healthy in the urban centers which seems to dictate so much culture, I believe that if you go to the last place first, those are the students who are most appreciative. Jesus went to the last people first as well. No he didn’t neglect the rich, but he chose to minister in the villages, the desert places, to the outcasts of society. They are the ones who see the need. They are the ones who are so grateful.

Northern Kenya and Gitonga’s home are two examples of the last place first in Kenya. The people are so grateful there, because no one else has come. And it is in the heart of the humble and grateful, that God’s transforming work has its greatest effects.



My term is over too. It has been four years since early this month. After the birth of my niece, Mabel, on Thursday, it really hit me that I’m supposed to be home right now! But I can’t just pick up and leave when there are such great opportunities coming up like the one above and another gathering in November. Dennis Omondi has coordinated to have the majority of BTCP teachers in Tanzania come together in Dodoma for a conference to encourage them and help them be better prepared as teachers of this curriculum. WOW!

I’m planning on being back in Texas in December for my furlough / home stay, and returning to Kenya some time later to continue onward in the great ministry that God has brought to us. But all that belongs in the category of “Tomorrow”, so no need to wonder or worry :).

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