Prayer for the Omondis and Serve Kenya

From L-R: Anjela Omondi, Daniel Muthee, Mwangi Henia, Ephraim Henia, BJ Omondi, Theo Kadu and Qara Kadu


  1. Please pray for our team back home in Kenya as they continue with ministry in our absence
  2. Pray for Ben and Abbie to get over jet lag, recover from the American trip and settle down in Kenya well.
  3. Pray for James as he leads the South Coast Community Church; pray that the Lord will give him, wisdom and strength to lead well.
  4. We start our road trip to North Carolina on Monday stopping in Memphis TN, Nashville TN and Wilmore KY. Pray for Journey Mercies and a sweet family time in the car with each other.
  5. Pray that the Lord will provide our monthly  support and that of the Tommy Nelson Center before we return to Kenya in March.


  1. Praise God for Abbie and Ben’s safe return to Kenya
  2. Praise God for the Kenya team, that even though we are here ministry is able to continue in our absence
  3. Praise God for a Van to drive to NC and homes to stay on the way and when we get there.

Thank you for your support and continuing to pray for us…God is good to us and hope and pray that He is for you as well. We enjoy praying for you as well…so please let us know how we can do that more specifically.

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