IMG_4410The Mission of SERVE Kenya is to Cultivate, Equip and Mobilize Christian Leaders in East Africa. This applies to both male and female ministers called by God to do His work in the local church context. We at SERVE Kenya affirm in doctrine and practice that God calls both men and women in ministry; however, biblically, the role they play in ministry differs.

We believe that the role of teaching and exercising authority (pastor and elders) in the Local Church context is a function reserved for men only (1 Timothy 2:12). Consequently, SERVE Kenya partners wit
h churches that model this biblical model of church leadership.


Nevertheless, churches need women’s ministries that will lovingly serve women who belong to the community of faith by: teaching, shepherding, nurturing, encouraging and guiding them spiritually, emotionally and physically.

Therefore SERVE partners with women leaders in local churches to help them establish, develop and grow effective and sustainable women’s ministries in their churches. Ultimately we desire that such ministries will produce women who know God and His word, who love Him passionately, worship Him wholeheartedly and who bless all those around them with their Christ-like loving service!

The women whose local churches we choose to work with are found through our various ministry engagements like seminars, BTCP/L classes and our ministry networks etc.

Contact the Serve Kenya Head of Women’s Ministries for more information on how we can be of service to the women of your Church!