Testimony from one of BTCP Students


My names are Pastor Thomas Kyalo and I minister at the Immanuel Teaching Ministry Church Likoni Mombasa. Before joining BTCP, I felt a vacuum in me and desired to know more in God’s word.

I was one man who was not sure of what I was preaching or teaching, thus borrowed ideas from what I heard others preach. I didn’t see much spiritual and knowledge change in the /congregation that I was ministering to. I was limited to divine ideas and lacked knowledge of the true word of God, so also was the church.

I was introduced to BTCP by a fellow pastor, who happened to be the best man in my wedding, Pastor Anthony Charo of BTCP Mtwapa. I joined BTCP in 2010/11.    Within five months of learning I had a bank of divine ideas to impact the congregation. I started noticing where we were going wrong. There were drastic and noticeable changes in the church.

In BTCP, I learned that praying alone without studying the word was a waste of time and energy. I was taught how to combine head knowledge and spiritual knowledge. I learned rules and method of interpreting the Bible. I learned to prepare systematic Biblical messages and how to deliver to the congregation. I learned how to manage the ministry, administration and finances as well. It was a new life at the Immanuel Church.

Our church took a new turn after I joined BTCP starting the following initiatives:

  • Introduction of men, women and youth fellowship groups.
  • Introduction of Bible Study classes on Thursdays which s doing well.
  • We also have an administration team where every department in the church is fully represented

Personally BTCP has assisted me in growing my spiritual life by practical application and obedience to the word of God. I must say that I have a good relationship with Christ and with others after acquiring biblical knowledge.

I can teach the congregation the truth of the bible in the Power of the Holy Spirit and with confidence. I now put my spiritual life in practice to be role model and try to evangelize with my life. I realized that our lives should always reflect God’s grace and love to those in the world.

After this life changing experience I encouraged my wife Judith to join the training and and she went though BTCL 2011/12. Thank God for using her to bring a revival in the women’s ministry of our church, which is thriving due to her teachings.

BTCP and BTCL has been a blessing to my wife and I so much so that now we three of our church leadership enrolled in the current BTCL class currently going on in Likoni and is taught by my wife Judith and Betty Anyango of SERVE Kenya – what a team!!

I give thanks to my heavenly father, God, for His great faithfulness and His promises, which are true. He brought GOOD out of BAD and He brought HOPE and FUTURE to my family and church through Serve Kenya.

My heartfelt thanks also to Director Pastor Dennis Omondi and the entire serve teaching team, for believing in us, as individuals and as a ministry. Thank you for the vision, faith and commitment that have turned our dreams into reality.

SERVE, you gave us a well, from where we draw methods and systems on how to teach the Bible. I deeply appreciate your expertise, guidance and commitment during the entire process of learning. You have made it a very positive experience.


Pastor Thomas Kyalo


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