TNC Construction Underway


The Tommy Nelson Center is the New Admin block at the SERVE Kenya compound in Ukunda has been under construction since February 2012. The construction work is in high gears currently and we cannot wait to see the last block laid, last paint brush stoke applied and the full use of what this building made for start. It will be glorious day.


On August 2nd we will be joined by many of our former students and church members that have been blessed by the SERVE Ministry in Kenya to officially open the TNC and celebrate 10 years of SERVE’s presence in Kenya since inception. So we hope a lot of the Work will be done before the 2nd.


The construction of TNC has been made possible by the generous and sacrificial giving of many friends all over the world. It has been a blessing to us and many who come into it week in and week out. It serves as out Admin block where all the SERVE Staff members office from also the South Coast Community Church meets here weekly. Pastors also come from all over every month to participate in our Bible Training Center for Pastors program here.


This is the upstairs hall being readied for the celebrations in August – we hope and pray that it will be ready by then.


There was only one way to the top and we deemed it unsafe incase there was a need for emergency exit. So we decided to add another way to get in and out of the building from the front, which will also be the main entrance into the building.

Thank you very much for your continual prayers and generous giving to make all this possible. If you would like to participate in either praying specifically or giving towards this ongoing project please get in touch with us at Blessings!!!!

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