Upcoming Kenya Trip

By Dennis Omondi

I will be traveling to Kenya on Monday. I am going to be speaking to 200+ pastors in North Coast of Mombasa on the 28, 29 and the 30th please remember me in your prayers.

On Saturday 31st – I will be doing a friend’s wedding in South Coast and the following week will be meeting with all our church and ministry leaders for the whole week for encouragement and debrief of the last 6 months of my absence.

I travel back on January 9th with James and Betty and will be in Texas until the 22 and start our drive back to NC early morning on the 23rd.

1. God will give me strength in all the travels, teachings and meetings

2.  I will be a voice of encouragement even in the things that have not gone so well in my absence

3.  The pastors I/we minister to will be fired up to be more gospel centered in their ministries in the  coming New Year.

4.  Pray for my family as I leave them here for about two weeks before we meet up in TX.

5.   Allison and the kids will be driving to TX – Please pray for safety as they drive out on the 7th of January.

Merry Christmas and thank you for your prayers and support.

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